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More data is created today than ever before, in fact 90% of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years . Companies which embrace data solutions are rebooting their brands and establishing lasting competitive advantages built on data- yet today 99% of all data currently goes unanalyzed.That is why we exist- to transform data into business strategy.

Reboot.AI combines years of business domain experience and technical expertise in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to offer:

  • Scoping & Design- The world's smartest AI is useless without the right solution designed to solve the right problem
  • Development & Integration- We have proven experience building, integrating, and deploying cutting edge solutions
  • Project Management- With certified Agile development leaders with AI development experience, we know how to get complex things done
  • Technical Training- Our hands on development training for IT employees empowers employees to build future solutions in house
  • Executive Training- Our non-technical, AI for business solution training empowers leaders to anticipate industry and tech driven changes

Borderless Payments with Blockchain & AI | Bank of China

In March 2018 Reboot.AI participated in the BoC Fintech Challenge focusing on a cashless, borderless payment system which allowed for banking the unbanked.

Our multi-layered solution deployed a chatbot user based interface for the end user to transfer money or conduct transactions via natural language. Behind the scenes, we integrated BoC's APIs for BoC-to-BoC client transfers and HK Fast Payment System transfer, but for transfers to non-customers outside HK we built our own SMS linked blockchain.

For transfers to non-HK, non-BoC recievers, the transfer is added to the blockchain ledger and the reciever gets an SMS message confirming the transfer and linking to the block explorer to verify the transfer- thus enabling anyone with an SMS device to be compable of reciveing a transfer. We named the chain NE1 due to allowing anyone ('n'-'e'-1) to recieve payments.

Users recieving transactions via the NE1 chain can withdraw FIAT at BoC branches and ATMS (or affiliated banks), thus combining the speed and transaprancy benefits of cryptocurrencies with the universal utility and acceptance of FIAT.

To further ensure security of the network and prevent fraudlent players from recieving payments, our entry also demonstrated an early version of an automated KYC process computer vision and facial recognition to verify users' identifications.

Recurrent Neural Networks for Stock Price Prediction | PyCon Hong Kong

Reboot.AI was an invited speaker to 2017's open source Python developers event PyCon in Hong Kong. With experience in algorithmic trading for the world's largest hedge fund, Bridgewater Associates, we shared best practices for cleaning and analyzing financial time series data, and built a custom neural network to detect trends and patterns in stock prices.

The audience of experienced developers got a lot from the talk- learning how to use Python specifically to handle the complications of time series, how to understand neural networks- a special kind of machine learning algorithm, how to code neural networks in Python, and how to apply them to building an AI driven trading strategy.

Less technical audience members left the chat with a conceptual understanding of the capabilities and workings of AI concepts, machine learning algorithms, and neural networks in particular. Watch the full recording of the event on Youtube.

Computer Vision and Garment Image Recognition | Li & Fung

The open innovation unit of Li & Fung, the international supply chain and logistics company, invited Reboot to speak at their guest speaker 'Guerilla Sessions' series.

To customize the talk to a familiar industry, we built and demo'ed the code for an example computer vision AI which could recognize, identify, and classify images of garments.

Non-technical employees, learned first hand how to build their own algorithms, how machine learning and AI systems learn, and how these tools can solve problems in their everyday work.