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Into your shop's single source of truth.

No spreadsheets or code required.

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Sourcely combines your tools into a single source of truth for all your business activities and metrics (CAC, LTV, ROAS, etc), with easy to schedule weekly reports or data exports.
No coding. No manual spreadsheets.

Spend Time on Your Business, Not Your Software

30 min Setup Call

No coding experience required. If you can log-in to your account and can copy/paste, you can use Sourcely. Sourcely does not require providing your account passwords.

Sit Back and Relax

Behind the scenes, Sourcely combines and crunches your data sources. Shopify. Google Analytics. Facebook Ads. Sourcely does the heavy lifting for you.

See Your Business

Within 3 business days of your setup call, receive your integrated data as a PDF, raw data export, dashboard, or more. Schedule recurring weekly reports with one click.

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We believe in simple, flat pricing.

$49 a month.

How many hours have you spent gathering data by hand into excel or Google sheets? How much are you paying that ad agency to do it for you?

And once you have the raw information... next week it's the same process all over again! Gathering. Combining. Processing. Comparing...

The time waste never ends...

With our no-code 30 min setup, simple pricing, and automated weekly reports, the question isn't "Can you afford to use Sourcely?" it's "Can you afford not to?"



Data Strategy & Leadership

ML/AI strategy for your business objectives and constraints
  • Executive Coaching
  • Data Strategy Planing
  • Execution Roadmap

Delivery & Talent Development

Teams acquire skills while co-delivering value-add projects
  • "Applied Learning" Talent Development
  • Data & ML/AI Architecture Deployment
  • Vendor Integration

Tool, Skills & Internal Case Studies

Your business is equipped to forge its own path forward
  • Established Data Infrastructure
  • AI Center of Excellence
  • Internal Blueprints for Success