Press Founders featured in a new book about AI

“Using Artificial Intelligence in Marketing - How to Harness AI and Maintain a Competitive Edge” - is a must for performance marketers in today’s world. The Reboot team’s input is included in the following sections: (a) Hunger for AI in Asia Pacific, and (b) Standing on the Shoulder of Giants.

Official book description:  

Artificial intelligence marketing is paving the way for the future of marketing and business transformation, yet many organizations struggle to know exactly how and where to integrate it. With AI forecasted to boost global GDP by 14% by 2030, an efficient and sustainable AI marketing strategy is now essential to avoid losing the competitive edge. 

Using Artificial Intelligence in Marketing provides the definitive, practical framework needed for marketers to identify, apply and embrace the opportunity to maximize the results and business advancement that AI can bring.

About the Author

Katie King is a UK-based published Author, Keynote Speaker and Marketing Consultant (specialising in digital and AI) with over 28 years’ experience. She has advised many of the world's leading brands and business leaders, including Richard Branson, o2, Orange, Accenture, PA Consulting, Arsenal Football Club and Harrods.

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