AI use cases: from conversion rates to supply chain optimization

At, we only assign senior experts in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to your projects, so we become an extension of your team. The same team that analyzes your business goals and data optimization opportunities, proposes and implements an AI-powered solution. Every project we work on and every team we train requires a different approach, coaching materials, and development outputs. Below are some examples.

A.S. Watson Group 

We developed a customer purchase model that resulted in a trial campaign with higher click through rates by more than 70x (+7,266%), and sales conversion rates by nearly 30x (+2,960%).

Li and Fung Group 

We created a custom program and ongoing training and support for technical, data and business teams aimed at shifting the company culture to a data-first company. As a result, they have launched over 5 company-wide artificial intelligence initiatives.

Bank of China 

We designed and implemented a blockchain (ethereum chain) based remittance app that uses facial recognition, entity recognition, and OCR to digitise all aspects KYC, onboarding, and money remittance across international borders through the Bank of China payment network.