Your Change Management Partner

Stop paying for lines of code with no business function and black-box software you can't use.
You don't need more tools. You need transformation.

Leading data, ML, and AI transformations is not just our speciality, it's the only thing we do. We guide you through delivering and scaling real-world projects, so that senior leaders to individual contributors develop the ability to work effectively with Machine Learning and AI.

We take you from "How should we use our data?"  to "How did we think this was hard?"

How To Work With Us

Week 1: Shape

Data Strategy Executive Workshop

Take stock of your data assets and set your ML/AI strategy for your business objectives
  • Executive Coaching
  • Data Strategy Planing
  • Execution Roadmap
Week 2 to 6: Manage

Proof-of-Concept Portfolio Delivery

Coach your leaders and teams through the delivery of projects within your strategy
  • Talent Acquisition & "Applied Learning" Development
  • Data & ML/AI Architecture Design
  • Vendor Selection & Management
Week 6 to 12: Transform

Scale and Adoption Support

Scale your winners, and navigate internal barriers to equip you for continued success
  • Continued Access to Subject Matter Experts
  • AI Center for Enablement
  • Internal Blueprints for Success

Deliverables Breakdown

Week 1: Shape Strategy

This interactive workshop goes far beyond lecture, including interactive exercises, case studies, and activities already successfully used by our clients. We won't be talking buzzwords, jargon, and theory. We're going to dig into your org chart, real sample data sets from within your business, and your existing vendor relationships.

• Identify which AI Business Model applies to your core strengths
• Set your Data Monetization Strategy to pursue
• Establish your AI Roadmap with 2-5 scoped Portfolio Projects
• Complete your Human+AI Transformation Framework™, AI Initiative Canvas, and AI Project Technical Blueprints

Weeks 2 to 6: Manage Execution

Already have a clear strategy and a clear project scope? Start at this step, or continue our earlier engagement.

Over the course of four to six weeks, we manage every aspect of organizational change and the execution of Portfolio Projects. We fill the role of Product Owner, Technical Product Owners, Project Manager, Systems Architect/Designer, Agile Data Science Coach, and more, to ensure technical teams and non-technical teams alike collaborate and begin to fill knowledge, skill, and tools gaps by "learning while doing."

• Set up your Data & AI Infrastructure and Architecture
• 2-5 Portfolio Projects Proof-of-Concepts deployed
• Project Retrospective & Organizational Learning Reports for each Portfolio Project
• Set up your Data & AI Talent Acquisition Pipeline
• Establish your customized Vendor Selection & Vetting Framework

Week 6 to 12: Transform Your Business

Deployed Proof-of-Concept but not sure what to do next? Start at this step, or continue our earlier engagement.

Early low-hanging fruit is great, but it's just the beginning! Only 15% of C-suite executives report deploying AI in production across the business. And the main obstacle to doing so is not a lack of the right technology, but lack of the right human expertise. As your partner, we help you navigate the change in your organization, overcoming challenges like employee fears of job loss and perceptions of "AI as a black-box". Our emphasis is on human-auditable AI to promote AI that is easy to interpret, understand, explain and collaborate with. All part of our human+ai framework™.

• AI Adoption Diagnosis and Data Maturity Roadmap
• Dedicated bespoke coaching (non-technical and technical)
• Internal Case Studies for each Portfolio Project
• Lightweight and flexible continued engagements

We’ve spent years collaborating with clients to perfect our approach.

If you're still asking yourself "How do we get started with AI?" - then you need a partner, not a tool. Sure, we could build your AI for you, but the truth is that alone isn't enough - are your current tools and technology enough?

Instead of give you a fish, we teach you how to fish by working with you to define, execute, and scale an actionable data strategy.

Best of all, by growing your capabilities through the delivery of real projects, most of our engagements immediately pay for themselves.

Hear why our clients choose us.