ML/AI starts and ends with humans

We’re (human) data analysts, scientists, and engineers obsessed with solving business challenges with real-world constraints. We know firsthand that at every business, human expertise is more critical to success than algorithmic theory or technology. That is why our clients work with us.

Dhruv Sahi

Dhruv is a data scientist and machine-learning engineer who has scaled data and analytics infrastructure for a $10m USD Series A startup backed by Alibaba Group, as well as deployed enterprise solutions for multi-billion dollar corporations.

Codes Python, Scala, Java
Power-user AWS, GCS, Azure, Scrapy
Industries Merchandising, Retail, DTC

Brooke Wiener

Brooke is a BI executive who lead data analytics and strategy for a $250m annual revenue manufacturer. She has overseen ERP, BI, and data departments of 200+ and launched data-validated, multi-million dollar business channels from scratch.

Codes SQL, VBA, Python
Power-user ASC, Shopify, MicroStrategy
Industries Production, Logistics, B2B, B2C

Matt O'Connor

Matt is a data science and data strategy coach with 10 years of experience, including serving as the lead algorithmic trading investment engineer for Ray Dalio's $160b Bridgewater Associates, and leading Agile data science teams as a PMI-ACP, PSPO, and PSM.

Codes NodeJS, Python, PySpark
Power-user JIRA, Selenium, Tensorflow
Industries Logistics, Finance, Real Estate

Over the years, we’ve seen companies paralyzed by uncertainty about data & AI, waste resources on advanced-tech solutions which are irrelevant to their bottom line, or even get most things right but never reach adoption by internal employees or customers. At every point, human expertise is more critical to success than algorithmic theory or technology alone.
That is why our clients work with us.
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