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Reduce operating costs & workflow human dependency

  • Industry
    Logistics & Supply Chain
  • Location
    Hong Kong & Manchester, UK
  • Company Size


LF Logistics is one of the world’s largest logistics providers, delivering more than 100 million consumer product units every day. They serve over 400 global brands and household names around the globe.


Reduce operating costs & workflow human dependency

In the second to last step of the supply chain, packages have reached a local distribution center, from which they are to be delivered to their final destinations. The coordination of final destination deliveries requires managing a large fleet of trucks and 3PLs, while loading each truck with an assortment of packages that minimizes wasted capacity and minimizes the total distance between all of the delivery destinations. LF Logistics engaged Reboot AI to assist in reducing overall fleet costs and reducing human dependency in the delivery planning process.

Client Challenges

Reboot AI Engagement


With Reboot AI’s guidance, LF Logistics leaders identified key internal and public external data sources, as well as a technology stack of largely open source software that met business needs while remaining highly cost efficient and practically achievable for the business.

Working hand in hand with LF Logistics managers and internal technical talent, Reboot AI helped design and implement a new routing model combining various machine learning and AI techniques to eliminate costly business constraints previously required due to the workflow’s high level of human dependency.


Reboot AI’s algorithmically generated packing and routing manifests drastically reduced the planning workflow’s runtime and human dependency, while also incurring significant savings on fuel and 3PL rental costs.

  • 45% reduction in fleet travel times
  • $650k USD cost savings at just two distribution centers
  • $2M USD savings at scale
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