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Monetize internal data & build data driven culture

  • Industry
    Supply Chain & Retail
  • Location
    APAC & Europe
  • Company Size


Fung Academy is the innovation arm of Fung Group - a multibillion dollar conglomerate with over 40,000 employees across 350 worldwide locations. As a non-business unit specific arm, Fung Academy spans dozens of individual operating entities, business units, and in-house brands primarily in the retail and supply chain industries.


Monetize internal data & build data driven culture

With its expansive business operations, the Fung Group is rich in data, but like many companies its size, was unsure where to begin with monetizing their data assets. Having completed a massive, multi-year digital transformation, the Fung Group turned to their innovation arm Fung Academy for the next step: a wide reaching data & AI transformation.

Fung Academy engaged Reboot AI to develop internal “centers of excellence” for data & AI, and promote data & AI self-sufficiency across Fung Group’s many different business units.

Client Challenges

Reboot AI Engagement


Mindful of the organizational challenges to delivering effective ROI, Reboot AI and Fung Academy collaboratively designed a knowledge transfer plan setup to deliver realized ROI and build self-sufficiency within the business. This top down approach began with Reboot AI working with upper management through practical exercises and relevant case studies to build internal familiarity and comfort with data & AI.

To continue the process and drive realized impact, the next stage of the process involved Reboot AI working one-on-one with these same upper management leaders in a coaching capacity on projects specific to their own unique business unit and practical challenges preventing data & AI innovation. This engagement continues throughout the lifecycle of projects, advancing beyond upper management to include their middle manager and technical teams.

As a recurring engagement, Reboot AI remains a specialist team ready to “drop in” wherever a business unit requires data & AI guidance and expertise across high level strategy, project management, vendor vetting, hiring, solution architecture design, and technical implementation.


Due to its widespread, transformational scope, Reboot AI’s engagement with Fung Academy is a continued process. To date, the engagement has yielded:

  • 50+ technical & non-technical managers capable of leading AI projects
  • 4 coached projects internally funded
  • 61% increase in non-technical manager confidence working with data & AI
  • 52% increase in technical manager confidence with cloud AI architecture and deployment
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