Yondir - Smarter Real Estate Analytics

Reboot.ai has launched Proptech (property tech) platform Yondir. Yondir currently aggregates over 100,000 Hong Kong rental listings every day from multiple sources, standardizes the data, and uses machine learning to value apartments, detect and remove fake listings, consolidate duplicates, and identify apartment features from images (such as hardwood floors or natural lighting).

No matter you or your business' role in property, Yondir's analytics save the day:

  • Managers - Maximize rental revenues, minimize vacancy periods, and find ideal tenants faster
  • Developers - Generate more accurate ROI projections in much less time, including findings comps, justifying valuations, and optimizing development plans
  • Investors - Identify the optimal investment opportunity the moment it comes on the market and have an edge against other investors
  • Tenants/Home buyers - Find your home faster and much more easily with clear data and AI fake listing removal
  • Agents - Post more listings with workflow automations and close more deals with better tenant screening and matching
  • Retailers - Know where to open stores and which products to stock in each store based on real estate trends

Check out the MVP here, and look for residential sales data, as well as commercial property data to be added soon!