New Curriculum Partner GoGoVan

As Dhruv and I gear up to launch our first part time Machine Learning Foundations course on September 12th, we are continually looking to refine and improve our curriculum. We strive to ensure we are teaching practical, work relevant skills with an emphasis not on academic theory, but on incorporating ML concepts into workflow deployment and automation.


Today marks a great step in that direction, as Reboot has officially partnered with Hong Kong’s first unicorn startup, GoGoVan, to advise on business use cases, data sets, and practical skill sets to cover in our classrooms. Our students get a direct connection to a large data science employer and skills they know are in demand at cutting edge companies, while GoGoVan gets a pipeline of excellent candidates for their expanding business and data science team.

I look forward to this collaboration, and the benefits it will bring to Reboot students and corporate training clients.