FR8 - Winner Li & Fung Logistics Hackathon with AI in Supply Chain

Challenged by Li & Fung Logistics to build a solution that would enable the business to more accurately forecast freight demand, better plan for it, and increase container utilization rates, we took on 11 other teams head-to-head and won with our proven applied AI expertise. Logistics is an exciting space for AI, and though sometimes the industry has less mature or in-depth data sources than other industries, the Reboot team is accustomed to finding solutions for any kind of data situation. By applying our unique appraoch and propreitary algorithmic solutions we ensured even non-technical business users can make the most of FR8's advanced analytics and intelligence.

FR8 is currently in pilot talks with Li & Fung Logistics and is open to additional industry partners.

Watch the whole adventure on Youtube below:

Hack the Rack Video