First Runner Up at Bank of China Hackathon

Reboot's Blockchain based borderless payment app enabled by automated KYC took home first runner up in a hackathon organised by Bank of China. BoC had invited 10 startups from Hong Kong and China to compete in creating services for the future of banking. Considering the fierce competition, a first runner up finish validated Reboot's automated KYC platform as viable even in tough-to-enter markets. designed an AI based on-boarding and blockchain based payments system called NE1 that would make it easy to on-board new clients with an automated KYC solution, as well as a blockchain based payments system that would make it super convenient for people to send and receive payments.

We are happy to say that we won first runner up in the competition! Let's hope this can be the catalyst that drives our SaaS solutions forward!

The Team Kissing a cheque