Applied Learning:
AI independence that pays for itself

Outsourcing stifles internal talent. Corporate training doesn't impact the bottom line. With hands-on coaching through real-world projects, Applied Learning ensures your senior leaders to your individual contributors all hone their abilities to think and act with data & AI.

We’ve spent years collaborating with clients to perfect Applied Learning

Reboot AI works with you to define, execute, and monetize an actionable data strategy. We coach your teams through the delivery of real-world data projects, so your organisation grows its ability to act on data while simultaneously delivering bottom line value.

By growing capabilities through the delivery of bottom line value, our engagements pay for themselves.

Phase 1: Strategy

Data Strategy & Leadership

Craft the right AI approach for your business context
  • Executive Coaching
  • Personalised Data Strategy
  • Execution Roadmap
Phase 2: Development

Team Building & Talent Development

Prepare teams and tech to complete value-add AI projects
  • Hands-on Coaching
  • Talent Acquisition & Onboarding
  • Vendor Selection & Management
Phase 3: Delivery

Project Management & Delivery

Teams acquire skills while executing and delivering AI projects
  • Project Management
  • AI & Data Architecture
  • Integration & Deployment
Phase 4: Self-Sufficiency

Self-Sufficiency & Best Practices

The business is equipped to forge its own path forward

  • Established Data Infrastructure
  • AI Center of Excellence
  • Internal Blueprints for Success

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