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Yondir - Smarter Real Estate Analytics

Reboot is proud to announce the launch of our Proptech platform Yondir - revolutionizing real estate analytics for property managers, developers, and investors with AI. Save time and money with automated valuations, finding comps, commercial insights and more.

Thanks so much! With Yondir I found my current apartment and am paying 25% less rent than my neighbor is paying for their identical flat.
Home Seeker

FR8 - Winner Li & Fung Logistics Hackathon with AI in Supply Chain

Reboot's freight management logistics solution FR8 won Li & Fung's Hack the Rack by bringing machine intelligence to the supply chain for smarter order prediction, improved freight demand planning, and optimized LCL consolidation.

Whereas traditionally the supply chain has been hub-and-spoke networks, the future supply chain will be complex networks of autonomous agents. Logistics is one of the best fit industries for applied AI - lots of costs driven by inefficiencies and lots of low hanging fruit.
Matt O'Connor

101 - Machine Learning Foundations

Everything you need to go from beginner to cleaning and automatically scraping data, writing algorithms in Python, applying machine learning techniques, and visualizing insights and findings.

Next start: Tuesday, June 19th 2018
Matt and Dhruv have a passion for AI and ML which comes across very clearly and is great to see. It's evident they put a lot of effort into the curriculum to include practical examples and code snippets and it's impressive they can speak in depth on the topic at hand in each class.
Brad S.
Senior Manager (Data Analytics)
Ernst & Young

201 - Enterprise Machine Learning

Scaling advanced analysis techniques to enterprise production levels, using Amazon Web Services (AWS) and other tools to automate scripts, analysis, and report workflows to maximize your impact and minimize your workload.

Next start: Saturday, June 16th 2018
Reboot exceeded my expectations. Not only was I impressed by the teaching and content; I was surprised to find how relevant and up-to-date the concepts were to latest practices. Dhruv and Matt make a real effort to ensure even those without coding backgrounds are able to make use of the content. Thank you so much!
Jonathan H.
Managing Director
Fortress Investment Group

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