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Data is the fuel which powers tomorrow's economy. is Hong Kong's premiere data solutions provider, helping individuals and companies build, deploy, train, and prepare for the Data Economy.

As an APN member (Amazon Partner Network), Reboot focuses on the Data Economy's four key technologies (IoT, Blockchain, AR/VR, and AI & Machine Learning) to create competitive advantages by transforming analytics and insights into business actions.

  • For professionals, we offer evening courses with curricula specifically engineered to maximize students' practical skills in the work place of the future.
  • For businesses, we offer custom training and consulting solutions, bringing years of experience applying cutting edge technologies for some of the world's largest companies. We don't do theory, we do results.
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Jonathan H.

Managing Director, Fortress Investment Group

Reboot exceeded my expectations. Not only was I impressed by the teaching and content; I was surprised to find how relevant and up-to-date the concepts were to latest practices. Dhruv and Matt make a real effort to ensure even those without coding backgrounds are able to make use of the content. Thank you so much!

Brad S.

Senior Manager, EY Technology Advisory

Matt and Dhruv have a passion for AI and ML which comes across very clearly and is great to see. It's evident they put a lot of effort into the curriculum to include practical examples and code snippets and it's impressive they can speak in depth on the topic at hand in each class.

Pangyan W.


本課程教會我一些關於數據科學和機器學習的基本概念,如 web scraping,regression,classification 等。 它讓學生通過實際編程和課堂項目將這些概念應用於工作或日常問題。透過本課程,我學會了一套新的技巧,讓我能更透徹地看待已知的數據,並更有效地完成日常工作。最後,我也想藉此機會感謝 Dhruv 和 Matt 組織和教授本課程。

Michal S.

Head of Analytics and Data Science, GoGoVan

Reboot’s intro course is a solid start for anyone interested in learning how to solve problems with data, students got a lot of value and I learned a few tricks that can help with further development of my skills. People who complete both the intro and advanced courses have a set of practical skills to be a good candidate for an intro data scientist.

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Our courses are focused on practical learning with use cases and data sets from economics, social policy, ecommerce, marketing, and more. Reboot creates Data Economy ready employees by covering three core skill sets necessary for every data solution pipeline.

Programmatically gather and clean real world data
Generate data driven insights
Evaluate, visualize, and explain insights to decision makers

Curriculum Partners:

101 - Machine Learning Foundations

Next Course: Feb 27th 2018 Start Date

Tue & Thu 7-10pm

6 Weeks, Feb 27th Start

$12,000 HKD
- $1,000 Discount per Referral

12 Max Class Size

Sheung Wan, Hong Kong


Everything you need to go from beginner to cleaning and automatically scraping data, writing algorithms in Python, applying machine learning techniques, and visualizing insights and findings.


Familarity with programming concepts is helpful, though no previous knowledge of Python, data science, or machine learning is necessary. We will cover all the basics and build up from intuitive traditional methods to conceptually similar yet more powerful modern day machine learning techniques. All you need is your laptop and a hunger to learn!

Week 1 - Modern Landscape and Python Foundation

Machine learning landscape, introduction to Python, basic concepts in statistics, probability, and linear algebra.

Week 2 - Automated Data Scraping and Cleaning

Scraping custom data from the web, assessing data quality, preparing and cleaning data with normalization, reformatting, and dummy variables.

Week 3 - Python for "Quick Win" Insights

While designing our curriculum, hiring partners stressed that practical knowledge of 'quick and dirty' analysis was a vital skill that academic courses do not cover. Thus this week and Project 1 focuses on using popular Python libraries to quickly slice, plot, and visualize insights from data.

Week 4 - Algorithms & Machine Learning Intro

Linear and logistic regression for prediction and classification, organizing data for ML models, and building your first predictive algorithm from scratch in Python!

Week 5 - Machine Learning Core

Unsupervised learning with K-Means Clustering, non-linear classification and regression using Support Vector Machines, and Naive Bayes Classifiers.

Week 6 - Portfolio Project

Combine foundational knowledge with ML techniques to complete a project with instructor support, and add proof of your new knowledge to your portfolio!

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201 - Enterprise Machine Learning

Next Course: Mar 5th 2018 Start Date

Mon & Wed 7-10pm

6 Weeks, Mar 5th Start

$18,000 HKD
- $3,000 Discount for 101 Grads
- $1,000 Discount per Referral

6 Max Class Size

Sheung Wan, Hong Kong


Scaling advanced analysis techniques to enterprise production levels, using Amazon Web Services (AWS) and other tools to automate scripts, analysis, and report workflows to maximize your impact and minimize your workload.


You should be proficient with the basic concepts of programming in at least one language (not necessarily Python), and should possess at least a high level familiarity with basic concepts in statistics, linear algebra, and machine learning.

Week 1 - AWS and Scaled Architecture

Production level landscape, Amazon Web Services set up, and using AWS to automate data retrieval and cleaning scripts

Week 2 - Enterprise Analysis

Creating interactive, multilayered dashboards, and scalable, production level analysis systems such as recommendation engines

Week 3 - Deep Learning

Unsupervised vs supervised learning, and how to combine unsupervised techniques with neural networks for advanced insights on raw data

Week 4 - Artificial Intelligence

Neural networks, Natural Language Processing, image recognition, and using Tensorflow for scaled 'intelligent' applications

Week 5 - Time Series and Advanced Analysis

Modeling and predicting time series such as stock prices, and combining ML techniques to optimize results

Week 6 - Enterprise Level Portfolio Project

Run an entire production level project from start to finish- use advanced ML techniques deployed on AWS' cloud based platforms to generate rich, interactive dashboards with immediately relevant insights

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Blockchain Decrypted: A Comprehensive Guide

Next Course: February 2018 - No Chinese New Year Schedule Conflict

Tue & Thu 7:30-9:30pm

4 Weeks, Feb 2018 Start

$6,000 HKD
- $1,000 Discount First 10 Applicants
- $500 Discount per Referral

50 Max Class Size

Near Central, Hong Kong


Go beyond the typical introductory workshops - learn the fundamental ins and outs and technical concepts of Blockchain from one of Singapore and Hong Kong’s most experienced Blockchain experts in a comprehensive 4-week series of 8 individual 2 hour evening courses. Although this course includes technical concepts and covers Blockchain development relevant topics, this is not a development oriented course.


Taught in partnership with Reboot.AI, Paul du Long is Managing Director of Blockchain based BlueMeg with over four years experience as a Blockchain entrepreneur, developer, and investor.


Participants do not require any previous Blockchain knowledge before starting this course.

  • Introduction: Blockchain vs Legacy Solutions
  • Blockchain vs Bitcoin
  • Key industry players and terminology
  • Cryptocurrencies and Tokens
  • Wallets, accounts, and how to safely use them
  • Blockchain mining algorithms, and encryption technology
  • Beyond Bitcoin: Other Blockchain protocols and infrastructures
  • Smart Contracts: Web 3.0 and the Machine Economy
  • Decentralized Apps: Architecting Dapps and interacting with the Blockchain
  • ICOs and Crypto-economics
  • Legislation and Regulation
  • Risks and Technical Limitations: Scalability and security concerns
  • Investing and developing with Blockchain

Attendees will gain an intuitive understanding of Blockchain technology in its various implementations, including its underlying technical mechanics, the problems it solves, the challenges it faces, and the many opportunities it creates. Beginners and intermediate learners alike will come away from this course knowing:

  • How to safely invest in, store, and transfer cryptocurrencies, including the tech understanding every serious investor needs to avoid scams from identify opportunities
  • How to architect your own decentralized application (Dapp), the unique challenges of Dapp design and development, and how Dapps are deployed on the Blockchain
  • How to use Blockchain to solve business problems, how to structure your business to benefit from this technology, and how to prepare your Blockchain business venture for an ICO

Graduates of Blockchain Decrypted will be eligible to enroll in their choice of two advanced level courses - Professional Blockchain Investing and Blockchain for Developers: Building Smart Contracts and Dapps. These courses will only be available to those who complete the introductory course. Syllabus may be subject to changes.

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Dhruv Sahi

Head of ML & Co-founder

Dhruv is a data scientist in the Hong Kong startup community, with professional experience building custom models, assembling interactive dashboards, and deploying enterprise scale solutions for an international retail and eCommerce business. His background includes a degree in Pure Mathematics and a career in equity derivatives, which lead him to working with end-to-end data solutions including warehousing, pipelines, model creation, cloud computing (AWS), and workflow automation.

Matt O'Connor

Head of AI & Co-founder

Matt is a full stack developer, Agile coach, and avid AI futurist. He has over 8 years experience solving large scale business problems with data, including overseeing algorithmic trading for the world's largest hedge fund with $157 billion USD AUM. He has given talks on AI to crowds of hundreds, built numerous data driven apps and chatbots, and been published in print and online for a variety of publications, most notably The South China Morning Post and The New York Times.

Paul du Long

Blockchain Instructor

Paul lived in Singapore for two years and recently relocated to Hong Kong. He first came to Asia after completing his Master in Finance at Nyenrode Business University. Unlike many who claim to be Blockchain developers, Paul has over four years experience developing with Blockchain, including founding several startups which combine his passion for business, Blockchain and technology. Paul loves to teach and make complex topics relatable and easy to understand.


Chatbot & TA

Garry is a proprietary AI built by Reboot to facilitate training sessions, customer service, and corporate client requirements gathering. He loves virtual belly rubs.


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